Departmental Bulletin Paper 享保6年松岡藩併合に伴う武家屋敷地の変遷 福井城下の武家地の研究 その34

伊豆蔵, 庫喜  ,  Izukura, Kouki  ,  吉田, 純一  ,  Yoshida, Junichi  ,  多米, 淑人  ,  Tame, Yoshihito

(47)  , pp.311 - 319 , 2017-07-11
This paper considers the change in the Samurai's Premises of the Fukui Castle Town with the Matsuoka Feudal Clan merger of Kyoho 6 years. The Matsuoka Clansman in Enpo 4 years was 189 peoples. The old Matsuoka Clansman who was able to pinpoint an emigration place was 111 peoples. The Matsuoka Clansman who emigrated to Joto district and Keya-cho was 107 peoples. The period required for emigrated was 16 years in Genbun 4 years from Kyoho 8 years. The premises of the Clansman whom I emigrated to are not equal with the premises that became the vacant land by the salary reduction of Jokyo 3 years.

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