Departmental Bulletin Paper 英語学習者への学習方略指導(リメディアル教育を必要とする学習者への指導を中心として)

小山, 政史  ,  Koyama, Masashi

(47)  , pp.281 - 288 , 2017-07-11
The day is approaching when the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Tokyo. To welcome people from abroad, the Japanese government has been working on various improvements to make a better environment for them. To improve Japanese people's English ability or skills is one of the government's main targets to achieve. However, as some data on Japanese people's English ability show, it cannot be said that Japanese people have had enough ability or skills to use English well. Therefore, in this paper, I will look for a better way to improve learners' English ability or skills, highlighting learning strategy of English. In addition, I aim to find what strategies teachers should use to teach learners who are not good at and do not like learning English, or learners who need remedial education.

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