Departmental Bulletin Paper 一般教養科目「心理学入門」での心理教育実践と効果 -批判的思考/メタ認知に関するフォローアップ調査の結果から-

荒木, 史代  ,  Araki, Fumiyo

(47)  , pp.273 - 280 , 2017-07-11
This study examined implementation and evaluations of psychology education in “Introduction to Psychology" for freshmen. College students had taken lesson in critical thinking and meta-cognition and did worksheets after receiving lectures about them in “Introduction to Psychology" class. Although no significant results have been demonstrated at pre- and post-test for students in the class, the results of the implementing group demonstrated significantly higher level of critical thinking disposition questionnaire than the control group in the follow-up study had about one year after the class had finished. The results showed that this study revealed the beneficial effects of implementing the program for developing critical thinking skills in the class. Moreover it suggested that it is necessary to design and implement the teaching method such as active learning for enhancing students' critical thinking and meta-cognition skills.

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