Departmental Bulletin Paper 新駅設置の事後評価に関する研究 ~えちぜん鉄道「まつもと町屋駅」を対象として~

三寺, 潤  ,  Mitera, Jun  ,  中西, 健太  ,  Nakanishi, Kenta  ,  川上, 洋司  ,  Kawakami, Yoji

(47)  , pp.226 - 231 , 2017-07-11
In this research, we focused on influence and effect by the New Station Opening. We analyzed what kind of change occurred the New Station Opening (change of conditions) to the residents' activity, travel behavior and consciousness by questionnaire survey. The main results are as follows: 1) "Shift to the new station" and "new user" are indeed existing. 2) The influence to give resident's activity, travel behavior varies according to mobility level. And the new station opening effectively advanced the utilization of railway for a higher mobility level. 3) Many of the users of the new station recognize improvement of QOL.4) Regardless of whether or not user, many residents are recognizing "the existence value of the new station".

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