Departmental Bulletin Paper キリンHDの環境への取り組み -企業の温暖化対策ランキング 食料品編1位の理由-

田中, 真由美  ,  Tanaka, Mayumi  ,  大音師, 良依  ,  Ohtoshi, Yoshie  ,  杉原, 一臣  ,  Sugihara, Kazutomi

(47)  , pp.198 - 206 , 2017-07-11
In this paper, the authors drew attention to “Japanese Food Company Ranking for Global Warming Countermeasures" recently published by WWF Japan. Especially, the countermeasures against global warming was discussed on, by particularizing Kirin Holdings Company Ltd. ranked first in the ranking. Comparing with Kirin Holdings and the other companies, the authors grappled with the difference of ranking. Furthermore, multiple linear regression analysis was performed to investigate the relationship between main investments (cumulated amounts) on environmental protection and current earnings in this company. The result of regression analysis suggests that some investments significantly affect the current earnings.

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