Departmental Bulletin Paper Social Networkにおけるユーザ影響度の測定

杉原, 一臣  ,  Sugihara, Kazutomi  ,  Thanchanok, Laopromsukon  ,  藤原, 明広  ,  Fujihara, Akihiro  ,  野際, 大介  ,  Nogiwa, Daisuke

(47)  , pp.190 - 197 , 2017-07-11
In this paper, a new measurement in directed networks is proposed. Our measurement provides an evaluation of each edges as influence in consideration of not only the number of incoming edges to a referred vertex but also outgoing edges from a referring vertex under setting assumptions. These assumptions are quite reasonable to compare the influence of the various vertices in the directed network. The index quantified by the measurement of influence is called “Weighted Distance". The concept of our measurement is that lower value in Weighted Distance means higher degree of influence. In addition, we explain about the properties of our measurement by proofs and a numerical example. Furthermore, the use of our measurement and the outlook of our research are mentioned later.

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