Departmental Bulletin Paper 戸建住宅用スマート雨水利用システムの開発

笠井, 利浩  ,  Kasai, Toshihiro  ,  堂森, 新  ,  Doumori, Arata

(47)  , pp.170 - 176 , 2017-07-11
In this study, we develop a smart rain water harvesting system for a detached house equipped two 2 m3 rainwater tanks. In this system, the rainwater stored in two rainwater storage tanks is used for sanitation, laundry and gardening. The computer controlled first flush remover was developed for the purpose of improving of the water quality in storage tanks and the collection efficiency of fresh rainwater. The performance of the device is discussed. It was found that the first flush could be removed efficiently and improved the collection efficiency of fresh rainwater.

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