Departmental Bulletin Paper フィルム型有機エレクトロルミネッセンスの作製と評価

竹下, 達哉  ,  Takeshita, 'Tatsuya  ,  宮川, 佳佑  ,  Miyagawa, Keisuke  ,  小西, 健哉  ,  Konishi, Kenya  ,  高橋, 由佳  ,  Takahashi, Yuka  ,  梅田, 孝男  ,  Umeda, Takao  ,  原, 道寛  ,  Hara, Michihiro

(47)  , pp.153 - 159 , 2017-07-11
In this study, we report an investigation of the fabrication and characterization of film-based organic electroluminescence (OEL). The film-based OEL was fabricated by deposition of 4,4′,4′′-tris[2-naphthyl(phenyl)amino] triphenylamine (2T-NATA), tris (8-hydroxyquinolinato) aluminium (Alq3), LiF, and Al on the polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film. The film-based OEL indicates the green emission, which is due to the fluorescence of Alq3, and highest luminance reached 4408 cd m-2. Additionally, it was also confirmed that film-based OEL indicated the green emission in the curved state. From these results, we concluded that the film-based OEL functioned as a flexible OEL.

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