Departmental Bulletin Paper 雨水タンク内の微生物の解析(微生物の解析方法の検討と微生物の同定について)

矢部, 希見子  ,  Yabe, Kimiko  ,  村岸, 真帆  ,  Muragishi, Maho  ,  笠井, 利浩  ,  Kasai, Toshihiro

(47)  , pp.122 - 128 , 2017-07-10
Storage of rainwater in tanks has been recognized to be useful for sustainable supply of water. Especially, heavy rains are frequently caused by typhoons in Japan. Although rainwater is clean when it is newly formed, little information has been obtained about the quality of rainwater during its storage in water tanks. Investigation of microorganisms in the tank is important in using the water for toilet flush, shower, drinking water, and so on if possible. In the current study, as the first trial, we collected six samples stored in two connected rainwater tanks in Higashi-ago Elementary School, Fukui, Japan, and then investigated microorganisms in each sample. We could finally identify six kinds of microorganisms based on their rDNA sequences. We also measured total numbers of bacteria in each fraction.

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