Departmental Bulletin Paper PVA-KI系ゲルインジケータの開発

砂川, 武義  ,  Sunagawa, Takeyoshi  ,  Harvel, Glenn  ,  青木, 祐太郎  ,  Aoki, Yutaro  ,  梅田, 昌幸  ,  Umeda, Masayuki  ,  速水, 醇一  ,  Hayami, Jun-ichi  ,  榊原, 和久  ,  Sakakibara, Kazuhisa  ,  五東, 弘昭  ,  Goto, Hiroaki  ,  蛯名, 武雄  ,  Ebina, Takeo  ,  田口, 光正  ,  Taguchi, Mitsumasa  ,  長澤, 尚胤  ,  Nagasawa, Naotsugu  ,  吉橋, 幸子  ,  Yoshihashi, Sachiko  ,  畑下, 昌範  ,  Hatashita, Masanori  ,  久米, 恭  ,  Kume, Kyo  ,  佐倉, 俊治  ,  Sakura, Toshiharu

(47)  , pp.105 - 110 , 2017-07-10
In recent years, use of radiation beams or particle beams have been put to practical use for cancer therapy. In cancer radiation therapy, visualization of radiation patterns is absolutely necessary for precisely evaluating the dose distribution. In this study, we developed a new type of gel dosimeter using a doped polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) based solution. We irradiated different gel samples with X-rays from a Hitachi MBR-1520R-3 source under different configurations to test the gel performance. We used UV-VIS spectrometry to measure the absorbance of transmitted light through the gel. The absorbance had a peak in the vicinity wavelength of 490nm. The results confirmed the absorbance to be proportional for increasing applied dose. In summary, a color transition gel was developed for use in detecting irradiation dose from X-rays. This technique has potential application for visualization of dose during medical procedures.

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