Departmental Bulletin Paper 坂井市本庁舎整備に係る課題抽出に関する調査研究 -来庁者を対象としたアンケート調査および来庁者駐車場の利用実態に基づく考察-

吉村, 朋矩  ,  Yoshimura, Tomonori  ,  五十嵐, 啓  ,  Igarashi, Hiroshi

About improving the city office is being considered at present at Sakai city. In this study, we investigated which is concerned with visiting frequency, purpose, means of transport, the residents feeling issues, and future prospects from the questionnaire survey of the visitor to the Sakai city office. In addition to this, we investigated by an on-the-spot survey of Situation of utilization in parking space. The leading conclusions are as follows: 1) The residents have expectations of the future's Sakai city office; the facility for the aged person and the families with small children, easy to understand sign system and the displays, as soon as possible to cope with occurrence of a disaster, and many parking space; 2) The maximal parking rate of the main building parking space was 77.8%, and the 2nd annex parking space was 88.6%. There was many parkingin both parking space at less than 30 minutes.

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