Departmental Bulletin Paper 小型四輪競技車両の空燃比と動的性能の関係

位田, 晴良  ,  Ida, Haruyoshi  ,  漁, 佑一郎  ,  Sunadori, Yuichiro  ,  牧田, 俊太郎  ,  Makita, Syuntaro  ,  宮﨑, 真央  ,  Miyazaki, Manaka  ,  磯松, 弥司  ,  Isomatsu, Yatsuka

'It goes without saying that engine output power characteristics greatly affect the dynamic performance of the race car. One of the methods of changing the output power of the engine is to adjust the set amount of fuel supply. This method changes the air-fuel ratio of the air fuel mixture supplied to the engine. In this study, a slalom test run of a small race car was used to examine dynamic performance with attention to the air-fuel ratio changed by adjusting the set amount of fuel supply. The results led to the proposal of shortening the running time of the small race car by measuring the average air-fuel ratio in the target running section.

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