Departmental Bulletin Paper 生物資源由来燃料を用いたディーゼルエンジンにおいて排ガス再循環が運転特性に及ぼす影響

位田, 晴良  ,  Ida, Haruyoshi  ,  キリワン, カマラサック  ,  Khiriwan, Kamalasak  ,  丸, 涼二  ,  Maru, Ryoji  ,  劉, 彬  ,  Liu, Bin  ,  上嶋, 敏裕  ,  Uejima, Toshihiro

Bio Diesel Fuel (BDF) contains a lot of oxygen, but the ignitability is inferior because of its high viscosity compared with gas oil. Previous research has shown that the combustion status of BDF has been improved through increased net thermal efficiency with a larger fuel supply. However, the NOX density in the exhaust gas increased in that case as well with the rise of combustion temperature. In this study, effective EGR for NOX decrease is applied and the effect on operation characteristics of the engine is investigated. In particular, the expected increase in PM emissions due to the lower excess air factor is compared with that when using gas oil. The results make it clear that superior operating characteristics during BDF use can be obtained in comparison to the use of gas oil, in operating conditions with a decreased excess air factor.

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