Departmental Bulletin Paper 誘導加熱を利用した熱交換器直接加熱デフロストシステムの研究

中尾, 一成  ,  Nakao, Kazushige  ,  新河戸, 育也  ,  Shinkoudo, Ikuya

The defrost system with the induction heating have been proposed to be applied to the air conditioner. This induction heating system is made of a swirled coil and a high frequency inverter, when this coil is conducted 30kHz AC current, the plate finned tube type heat exchanger was heated by the electro and magnet phenomena. From the practical point of this defrost system, at first, the analysis of the pressure drop of coil and heat exchanger was conducted to evaluate, secondary, the measurement of impedance and the induction heating defrost test were conducted to investigate the heating efficiency and the defrost time. Thus, it is found that the heat exchanger was uniformly heated and the frost of 170g on the surface of that were melted by the induction heating for 30 min. From these fact, the validity of the proposed system was verified.

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