Departmental Bulletin Paper ETロボコンのロボットを利用したプログラミング教育用教材の改良

鹿間, 敏弘  ,  Shikama, Toshihiro

In the classes of experiment of our department we have introduced the new theme 4years ago, where students develop simple programs and control a robot. For this experiment, we developed the learning tool based on the robot used in ET Robocon (ET Software Design Robot Contest). The purpose of this experiment is to arouse students' interest in computer programming. Since the reaction from students was favorable, it can be said that the learning tool was effective. We also deployed the tool for the classes of the high school students as one of the advertising of our department and won a favorable reception. On the other hand, the problems of the tool also became clear from the experience by the past classes. As we have updated the robot with the new LEGOMINDSTORMS EV3 from the obsolete NXT, we have improved the learning tool to mitigate the problems. In this report we will focus on the development of the simulator that is the main improvement of the learning tool.

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