Departmental Bulletin Paper マルチパスTCPの順序制御に関する性能評価

鹿間, 敏弘  ,  Shikama, Toshihiro

Multi-home environment, where a terminal is connected to a number of networks through multiple interfaces, is prevailing. For such a situation, IETF has standardized Multipath TCP (MPTCP), which has been introduced into commercially available operating systems. While conventional TCP can utilize only a single path, MPTCP can utilize multiple paths simultaneously and improve throughput as well as reliability. Since MPTCP segments application data into a number of blocks and distributes them over multiple paths, the receiving side of MPTCP has to perform resequencing function which reassembles received blocks to recover original data. This resequencing requires a large number of buffers to attain high throughput. This paper investigates the performance of MPTCP from the view point of the resequencing function and associated volume of buffers by using network simulator ns-2.

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