Others Green Emotion

近藤, 晶  ,  Kondo, Sho  ,  笠井, 利浩  ,  Kasai, Toshihiro

(46)  , pp.322 - 330 , 2016-07-21
At the 5th Kobe Biennale, Kondo and Kasai applied for the Green Art Competition prize and won honorable mention with their interactive art work entitled “Green Emotion" projecting an interactive images on living green wall. The living green wall of plants being raised indoors for the first time, made use of an automatic water supply device and reached the height of 8meters. Images were programmed to react to the movement of the elevator and were projected into the green wall. By winning with “Green Emotion", the green wall was recognized as having the potential of being an art work with expectations for its future development.


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