Research Paper マスターズスイマーへの簡易動作分析の活用 -飛び込み動作指導に関する実践報告-

野口, 雄慶  ,  Noguchi, Takanori  ,  横谷, 智久  ,  Yokoya, Tomohisa  ,  北林, 保  ,  Kitabayashi, Tamotsu  ,  杉浦, 宏季  ,  Sugiura, Hiroki  ,  栗本, 宣和  ,  Kurimoto, Nobukazu

Using local experienced swim teams, we conducted trials to improve upon diving movements by utilizing simplified movement analysis. In this paper, we report our results. We conducted the following process with 12 experienced swimmers in the Ishikawa Prefecture.1. Instructor and researcher recorded videos to be used to analyze diving movements by using a single consumer-grade video camera2. Instructor uploaded these videos to a shared folder on the cloud3. Researchers then downloaded and analyzed the videos4. Researchers input the angle of incidence and movement track of the center of gravity (i.e., at the waist) and performed reproduction processing; next, researchers uploaded the videos where the problems are input (i.e., analytical results) to the video distribution site5. Finally, each athlete viewed the videos using their home computer and/or smartphones to understand problem areas to work on for their next practiceBy following the procedure above, visual feedback was provided by analyzing the current situations and the problem areas athletes had with their own diving movements. By utilizing the cloud and the video distribution site and conveying information efficiently between researchers and athletes, we conclude that providing feedback motivated experienced swimmers to practice more and further enhance their athletic abilities.

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