Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学女子サッカー選手における片脚立位時の動的バランス能力の検討

杉浦, 宏季  ,  Sugiura, Hiroki  ,  横谷, 智久  ,  Yokoya, Tomohisa  ,  野口, 雄慶  ,  Noguchi, Takanori  ,  辻本, 典央  ,  Tsujimoto, Norio  ,  加藤, 映里香  ,  Kato, Erika

(46)  , pp.259 - 263 , 2016-07-21
This study examines the ability to stand with the manipulating and supporting legs and their laterality by examining 12 female competitive soccer player and 12 female general university students. Dynamic balance was evaluated by the level of stability achieved on an unstable stool. The parameter selected was the fluctuation index. The results of a two-way ANOVA (group × leg) showed a significant difference in both the group and leg factors. The total angle fluctuation level was lower in the soccer group than in the general student group for both legs; furthermore, it was lower in the manipulating leg than in the supporting leg for the general student group. In conclusion, the dynamic balance of the competitive soccer players was superior to the general students for both the manipulating and supporting leg. Additionally, for the general students, the dynamic balance on the manipulating leg was superior to that on the supporting leg for only general student.

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