Departmental Bulletin Paper Bluetooth Low Energyを用いた雨水貯留槽内における水中ロボットの位置測位

藤原, 明広  ,  Fujihara, Akihiro  ,  笠井, 利浩  ,  Kasai, Toshihiro  ,  今井, 貴大  ,  Imai, Takahiro  ,  中山, 裕貴

(46)  , pp.226 - 235 , 2016-07-21
In recent years, rainwater harvesting systems have drawn renewed attention from not only usage of natural resources but also flood mitigation under torrential rainfall in urban areas. To spread the systems in urban areas, it is necessary to consider cost-effective tank maintenance, such as how to check tank conditions frequently and how to maintain clean condition inside the tank. To do this, use of underwater robot is one of possible solutions. In this paper, we firstly review the current rainwater harvesting technologies. Then, we also explain the current underwater robots and their location measurement technologies. Finally, we demonstrate from our experiment with combination of OpenROV and Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE)that it is possible to measure location of underwater robot for cost-effective maintenance under a limited condition.

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