Departmental Bulletin Paper 鞍谷川の水環境について

辰巳, 佳次  ,  Tatsumi, Yoshitsugu

(46)  , pp.169 - 199 , 2016-07-21
According to the Fukui Prefecture environmental report, Kuratani River BOD of the living environment item in the environmental standards, has always been ranked the worst 3. In this study, we conducted a survey and study its causes. As a result, the impact on the water quality of the Kuratani River, drainage from the paper mill near the Okamoto River has been suggested as the cause. It should be noted, Okamoto River is a tributary of the Kuratani River. Moreover, it was suggested that affects quality of domestic wastewater. Therefore, in order to preserve the water environment of Kuratani River it is considered that there is a need for wastewater and life drainage measures of the paper mill.

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