Departmental Bulletin Paper バイオマス材料を用いた色素増感太陽電池の作製および特性評価

竹下, 達哉  ,  Takeshita, 'Tatsuya  ,  塚本, 莉子  ,  Tsukamoto, Mariko  ,  梅田, 孝男  ,  Umeda, Takao  ,  原, 道寛  ,  Hara, Michihiro

We demonstrated the fabrication and characterization of dye-sensitized solar cells by using biomass material. Specifically, we fabricated the biomass base platinum-electrodes. The solar cells had a photovoltaic conversion efficiency (η) of 1.36% under AM 1.5G at 100 × 10-3W m-2. Additionally, the photovoltaic performance at the higher efficiency was obtained by using counter-electrode with a platinum-thickness of~100 × 10-9m. These results indicate that our techniques can be used for future research on the fabrication of biomass materials based eco-devices.

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