Departmental Bulletin Paper シクロデキストリン共存下におけるベンフルラリンの2光子イオン化

竹下, 達哉  ,  Takeshita, Tatsuya  ,  佐々木, 美緒  ,  Sasaki, Mio  ,  矢野, 篤  ,  Yano, Atsushi  ,  原, 道寛  ,  Hara, Michihiro

Photoionization of benfluralin(N-butyl-N-ethyl-α, α, α-trifluoro-2, 6-dinitro-p-toluidine: Benf.) of typical agricultural chemical was achieved with two-photon two-step excitation by using 266-nm laser pulse irradiation in the presence of cyclodextrins (CDs). The formation of the Benf./CDs inclusion complex was studied by minimize energy of Molecular Mechanics program 2. Ionization of Benf. within the laser flash (5 ns)produced a radical cation of Benf. and hydrated electrons. The ionization quantum yield (Φion) of Benf. in the presence ofα-, β-and γ-CD calculated to be 6.2±0.1%, 16.0±1.0%and 3.3±0.1%, respectively, and it is due to the property of the Benf./CDs inclusion complex. The Φion of Benf. in the presence of CDs(1.0×10-2M)was dependent on the stabilization energy of solvation. In the case of CD concentration (1.0×10-3M),Φion of Benf. was also dependent on the stabilization energy of solvation. Additionally, we found that bulky substituted amino groups is important for the two-photon ionization (TPI)of agricultural chemical when compared with TPI of carbamate based agricultural chemicals. These results suggest the possibility of the photolysis of agricultural chemicals in aqueous solution by using TPI of UV light irradiation.

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