Departmental Bulletin Paper ICP質量分析法の感度に及ぼす静電シールド素材中のニッケル含有率の影響

田中, 智一  ,  Tanaka, Tomokazu  ,  藤田, 実  ,  Fujita, Minoru  ,  野本, 大樹  ,  Nomoto, Daiki

In order to investigate the effect of nickel content in electrostatically shielding materials on the sensitivity of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), nine kinds of materials were selected. By using the electrostatic shield made of stainless steel (SUS304), signal-to-background ratios of analyte elements became the largest regardless of spectral interference caused by argon molecular ions. On the other hand, the optimum radio-frequency power depended on the presence or absence of the above spectral interference. More detailed studies from the viewpoint of chemical and physical properties of shielding materials are required for the further improvement of the sensitivity of ICP-MS.

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