Departmental Bulletin Paper 高気圧マイクロ波放電法によるヨウ素捕集技術の研究

砂川, 武義  ,  Sunagawa, Takeyoshi  ,  Harvel, Glenn  ,  山本, 香帆  ,  Yamamoto, Kaho

In the event of a nuclear plant accident where the nuclear fuel has been damaged, radioactive iodine gaseous species can be released into the nuclear plant environment. However, extracting the iodine in a controlled manner to recover it and remediate the environment would require a more rigorous process. In this work, a microwave generated plasma is generated the iodine molecules (I2) from iodine compounds (CsI, KI etc.). An Argon gas based microwave generated plasma is used as the ionization chamber. The characteristics of the plasma and the iodine species is observed. Different forms of iodine (gas, liquid, solid) are released from the plasma zone downstream of the microwave chamber. The released gaseous species are capture in a filter system and the characteristics of the iodine species are identified. The results indicate that I2, I-, and I3-species are observed. The technique works well at ionizing the iodine species at relatively low powers and allowing them to be captured by a standard cotton filter. These results suggest that a microwave based technique may be useful for environmental cleanup activities of radioactive species such as iodine. The technique can be used to address contaminated material as well as treat the gas phase environment.

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