Departmental Bulletin Paper 歩車分離式信号設置交差点における安全性の検証 -京都市西洞院通をケーススタディとして-

吉村, 朋矩  ,  Yoshimura, Tomonori

(46)  , pp.141 - 147 , 2016-07-20
In this study, I investigated the pedestrian-vehicle separation signal of the residents were pointed out dangerous, a case of Nishinotoin-dori St. in Kyoto city. In the purpose, I inspected through field survey at ensuring safety especially for pedestrian of weak people in transportation. As a result, I clarified to avoidance behavior by the cyclists and the pedestrians which for cyclist was crossing to the zebra crossing at the pedestrian signal. The automobile which unreasonable enters an intersection was to obstruct crossing the pedestrian in the zebra crossing. In the future, it is necessary to make an appealing crossing plan that that pedestrians, bicycle users and automobile users can move safely, reliably and comfortably in the city.

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