Research Paper 地域と大学の連携による環境教育 ~緑のカーテンと雨水活用による取り組み~

笠井, 利浩  ,  Kasai, Toshihiro  ,  近藤, 晶  ,  Kondo, Sho  ,  荒木, 史代  ,  Araki, Fumiyo

(46)  , pp.285 - 291 , 2016-07-20
In recent years, climate change has been due to global warming, and it has been predicted that there are various influences from all Representative Concentration Pathways' (RCP) scenarios. Global warming has been caused by human activity worldwide, and clearly by our daily lives. To resolve this problem, it is therefore necessary to raise personal environmental awareness, in which environmental education for the general public plays an important role. In this study, we introduce an environmental education trial for local residents using a rainwater harvesting tank and green wall previously provided to elementary and junior high schools. We also describe the role of the university in environmental education for resolving global environmental problems.

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