Departmental Bulletin Paper 16世紀イタリアの建築家V.スカモッツィの建築理論に関する歴史的見解について

下川, 勇  ,  Shimokawa, Isamu

This paper aims to make clear the historical evaluation about the architectural theory of the architect Vincenzo Scamozzi in the 16th century Italy. In the 16th century, Italy pushed forward the universalization of the concepts that integrate each art. Yet, Scamozzi constituted a logic that puts Architecture in a high position and puts Painting/Sculpture in its subordinate position. In this logic, the concept that has an important role is “scienza”. Architecture becomes a more excellent art than Painting/Sculpture, on the condition that it secures the inevitable relationship with the scienza. Scamozzi’s architectural book “Idea della architettura universale” is the concept that was composed by the scienza. This paper makes the historical value about the architectural book which proves such thing clear.

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