Departmental Bulletin Paper 橋梁長寿命化のための実用的な最適補修時期決定法について

谷脇, 一弘  ,  Taniwaki, Kazuhiro  ,  大西, 秀明  ,  Oonishi, Hideaki

(46)  , pp.122 - 131 , 2016-07-20
In this study, a useful BMS is developed for practical bridge management. The life cycle cost for each bridge is calculated by assuming the repair works and cost, and using the deterioration transfer curves for slab, girder and abutment. The most economical repair plan is determined by comparing the life cycle costs for nine cases considering the annual budget limit. The effectiveness and practical usefulness of the system are illustrated by applying it to the bridge management of 2423 bridges in Fukui prefecture. It is clear that the proposed BMS can determine the most economical repair plan considering the repair of whole bridge system. Furthermore, it is also demonstrated that the BMS can determine the best annual budget considering the economy and safety as well as the most economical repair plan for each bridge.

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