Departmental Bulletin Paper 小型四輪競技車両の左右交互旋回における性能評価

位田, 晴良  ,  Ida, Haruyoshi  ,  猪又, 亮翼  ,  Inomata, Ryosuke  ,  中村, 允也  ,  Nakamura, Masaya  ,  仲山, 祐亮  ,  Nakayama, Yusuke

The basic motions of a car are "run", "turn", and "stop". Among these performances, turning performance affects the running speed and the competition results of the race car. In previous research, driving tests were conducted by a circumference road turning using the small race car to confirm the influence on the turning performance caused by the change in the tire inflation pressure and the damping force of its shock absorber mounted on the suspension. And appropriate tire inflation pressure for running the race cars with a little load movement was clarified. However, the turning speed influenced by the change in the damping force of the shock absorber was little. In this research, the turning performance by a slalom run of the small race car with the load movement for right and left alternation was evaluated, and the influence of the damping force was confirmed.

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