Departmental Bulletin Paper 生物資源由来燃料を用いたディーゼルエンジンにおける運転条件と排出ガス特性の関係

位田, 晴良  ,  Ida, Haruyoshi  ,  三好, 清隆  ,  Miyoshi, Kiyotaka  ,  上嶋, 敏裕  ,  Uejima, Toshihiro  ,  帰山, 恭輔  ,  Kiyama, Kyosuke

Bio Diesel Fuel (BDF) has attracted attention as a fuel alternative to petroleum. BDF contains a lot of oxygen, but the ignitability is inferior because the viscosity is high compared with gas oil. However, the previous researches found out that while gas oil and BDF are different fuel properties, the operating conditions to lose the remarkable difference of the thermal efficiency and the exhaust gas characteristic when using these with Diesel engines. That is, the effects that BDF has on the state of combustion and the exhaust gas characteristic of diesel engines are not clear. In this research, operation characteristics were examined while paying attention to the PM exhaust characteristic that changed by the combustion state by the performance examination of the diesel engine using BDF. As a result, it was clarified that more excellent operating characteristics during BDF use than when gas oil used can be obtained in the operating conditions with much supply fuel.

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