Departmental Bulletin Paper 農業への応用を目的とした低コスト気象センサシステムの開発

中城, 智之  ,  Nakajo, Tomoyuki  ,  兵藤, 勇志  ,  Hyodo, Yuji  ,  山田, 大貴  ,  Yamada, Daiki  ,  西山, 祥大  ,  Nishiyama, Syodai  ,  山内, 崇弘  ,  Yamauchi, Takahiro

Introduction of Information Technologies(IT)is essential for activation of agriculture in community scale and for development of food security system in the world scale. A weather sensor is one of such IT tools because not to mention the weather information is very important for growth diagnosis and growing management of agricultural products. In fact, weather sensor has been used in the field of the gardening actually. However, weather sensor is not so widely used in the case of outdoor and low-cost type crops such as paddy rice because the conventional weather sensor costs a lot relatively to the profit; the weather sensor must have his own power and communication systems in the outdoor. But, technology about IoT has made progress substantially and very low-cost and useful devices have become available in recent years. In the context, we have developed low-cost weather sensor system which works in the outdoor with his own power and communication system.

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