Departmental Bulletin Paper 福井産コシヒカリの生育実験におけるハイパースペクトルカメラによる水稲生育診断の初期結果

中城, 智之  ,  Nakajo, Tomoyuki  ,  青山, 隆司  ,  Aoyama, Takashi  ,  海田, 利樹  ,  Kaida, Toshiki  ,  萩原, 雄大  ,  Hagiwara, Yudai  ,  山田, 大貴  ,  Yamada, Daiki

A growth experiment for developing better growth method of Oryza sativa 'Koshihikari' made in Fukui was carried out in 2015 by using 4 rice pods in a glass house under the collaboration with Fukui University of Technology, Fukui prefectural agricultural experiment station, Sakai agricultural high school and Yamada-Giken Co., Ltd. Our aim in the experiment was to make sure the effectiveness of hyper-spectral information ingrowth diagnosis of rice. As a first step for developing useful remote sensing technique to produce good taste rice in Fukui prefecture, we selected leaf color and content rate of protein in harvested rice as the targets of estimation. During the period of experiment, the leaf color of rice had been directly measured once a week by SPAD-502 which is well-used in-situ leaf color measurement instrument. Simultaneously, the spectral information of leaf had been observed by using a hyper-spectral camera HSC1702. In addition, the content rate of protein after the harvest was measured by Fukui prefectural agricultural experiment station. The result of correlation analyses between leaf color data and NDSI spectral indices derived from the hyper-spectral data shows that NDSI spectral indices using near-infrared and green wavelengths are effective for estimating leaf color of rice through different growing stages. The results also show that NDSI indices using reflectance of blue region are effective for estimation of content rate of protein. These results are basically consistent with those of previous studies, which indicates our measurement and data analyses were carried out successfully. However, a further study is needed to decide the optimal combination of wavelengths in NDSI index and to confirm the reproducibility of coefficient of regression line obtained in this study.

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