Departmental Bulletin Paper 空中手書き文字入力システムの実用化に向けた検討

西田, 好宏  ,  Nishida, Yoshihiro  ,  野口, 祥子  ,  Noguchi, Shoko

pp.24 - 29 , 2016-07-20
This paper describes a method to recognize a character handwritten in the air. This recognition method uses the motion direction instead of positions of the device mounted on the hand. It also doesn't use the information of pen-up and pen-down. It selects and orders character candidates with DP (dynamic programming) matching. We prototyped a handwritten character recognition system that detect single character period by hovering in the air instead of adding some behavior for example, hand-open and hand-close. But this system is not enough to put it to practical use because it does not have easy functions to use. We intend to improve usability and work toward practical use of aerial handwritten character recognition by additional input method functions.

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