Research Paper 本承寺建築調査報告書

多米, 淑人  ,  Tame, Yoshihito  ,  吉田, 純一  ,  Yoshida, Junichi

(45)  , pp.376 - 387 , 2015-08-07
Honjyo Temple is the Hokke sect Shinmon school in Iehisa, Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. “Hondo" and “Kuri", “Sanmon", “Syoro" are built in precincts of the temple. The frontage and the depth are same five span, “Irimoya-zukuri" and “Hirairi", with one span “Kohai" on “Hondo". The frontage is “5-ken" and the depth is “11.5-ken", “Kirizumazukuri" and “Tsumairi" on “Kuri". A single bay “Yakuimon" gate, “Kirizuma-zukuri" and “Hirairi" on “Sanmon". The frontage and the depth are same one span, “Irimoya-zukuri" on “Syoro". All these are the buildings where are in the during the late Edo period. Honjyo Temple's precincts is good scenes by these buildings.

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