Departmental Bulletin Paper 『紅楼夢』日訳本における詩歌の翻訳について(伊藤漱平氏『好了歌』の訳を例に)

趙, 秀娟  ,  Tyo, Shuken

(45)  , pp.363 - 366 , 2015-08-07
The Japanese redologist Sohe Ito made great achievements in Janpanese redological studies. Being well aware of the subjectivity of literature translation, he aimed to show the Chinese classic masterpiece in domestication translation in his full-text translation to Kouroumu. This kind of effort is expressed typically in the translation to the oral poem of Koryoka, which reveals the difficulties in poem translation. In his Japanese translation of Kouroumu, Sohe Ito made every effort to decrease the language barrier that may be caused by the cultural difference by using language in Japanese own style, but it also leads to the loss of profound language information and cultural connotations from the original text.

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