Departmental Bulletin Paper 授業「心理学入門」における効果測定Ⅱ -学生はメタ認知スキルを維持できたか?-

荒木, 史代  ,  Araki, Fumiyo

This study examined the effect of implementation to enhance and maintain metacognitive skills for students who had taken “Introduction to Psychology” class for freshmen. In the follow-up study had about one year after the class had finished, the results of the implementing group demonstrated significantly higher level of stress management self-efficacy scales than the control group. Also, the metacognitive skills scales of the implementing group indicated marginally significant results higher at follow-up test than at pre-test. From the results, it suggested that it is necessary to design and implement the teaching materials and method for enhancing students’ metacognitive skills and efforts to maintain the effects of the implementation.

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