Departmental Bulletin Paper マイクロ波検出技術を用いた高分子材料への熱・放射線照射による経年劣化測定技術に関する研究(V)

砂川, 武義  ,  Sunagawa, Takeyoshi  ,  佐伯, 昭紀  ,  Saeki, Akinori  ,  関, 修平  ,  Seki, Shu  ,  工藤, 久明  ,  Kudo, Hisaaki  ,  泉, 佳伸  ,  Izumi, Yoshinobu

(45)  , pp.316 - 321 , 2015-08-06
It is very important to measure the degree of deterioration for the cable used in long-term operated nuclear power plants. We developed the nondestructive measurement technology utilizing microwave technology to assess cable degradation. In the present study, microwave frequency of the Q-band (43GHz) was used for the dielectric absorption measurement. Presented were resonant frequency for microwave resonator measured in the temperature range from 16.9 to 24.6℃and the humidity range from 24.1 to 35.1%. In different measurement conditions, the data were discussed.

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