Departmental Bulletin Paper シビアアクシデント発生時におけるPWRプラント挙動の基礎的研究(1) -(1次系LOCA+ECCS 失敗)事故-

尾崎, 禎彦  ,  Ozaki, Yoshihiko,  ,  井田, 将馬  ,  Ida, Shohma  ,  中村, 真也  ,  Nakamura, Shinya

(45)  , pp.293 - 303 , 2015-08-06
In this paper, we report on the results using the PWR plant simulator about the plant behavior under the condition of the severe accident that LOCA occurs but ECCS fails the water irrigation into the reactor core. As for the results about the relationship between the LOCA area and the time from LOCA occurs until fuel temperature rise start, the time became shorter as the area was the larger. But, in LOCA area of 1000cm2 or more large, the time was almost constant regardless of the area. For small LOCA of 25cm2 area, from the results of the comparative experiments for RCS natural circulation cooling effect in the case of SG open or not, in SG open condition compared with SG not open, the effect was observed more, but the reactor water level was greatly reduced and the time until the fuel temperature rise start was shortened, so the fuel temperature at the time of water irrigation into the reactor core has become higher. On the other hand, for the large LOCA of 1000cm2, the effect was not observed regardless of SG open or not. In addition, the reactor core damage was not spared in the irrigation into the reactor core after 30 minutes from LOCA, however, the hydrogen concentration in the containment building is less than the lower limit of hydrogen detonation, and also the pressure in the containment building is less than the designed value. That is, although suffered the core damage, the integrity of the containment building has been shown to be secured.

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