Departmental Bulletin Paper 環境基本計画から見た福井県内自治体の環境行政について

辰巳, 佳次  ,  Tatsumi, Yoshitsugu

Basic Environment Plan is a plan that has been summarized in order to comprehensively and systematically promote measures for environmental protection. Therefore, if you look environmental basic plan, municipal how support environmental conservation, it is possible to know about what you want to any environment. In this paper, we obtain the Basic Environment Plan from each municipality website of Fukui prefecture, we report the result of performing a comparative study.A result of the investigation, the contents of the Basic Environment Plan, the part that is similar in many cases. Among them, have been made efforts to put the uniqueness of the region. Problem of the case to proceed with the Basic Environment Plan is a description of the citizen. In order to advance to enable the Basic Environment Plan, it should be explained in the newsletter and various events.

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