Departmental Bulletin Paper 身体表現活動における羞恥心の要因の検討に有効な質問項目の選択

杉浦, 宏季  ,  Sugiura, Hiroki  ,  橘, 和代  ,  Tachibana, Kazuyo  ,  横谷, 智久  ,  Yokoya, Tomohisa  ,  野口, 雄慶  ,  Noguchi, Takanori

Many people are ashamed of bodily expression activity. This study aimed to examine the items that effectively contributed as factors to a sense of shame in bodily expression activity. Eleven items were classified, and 212 healthy students [mean age, 21.0 years; standard deviation (SD), 4.9 years; male, N= 101; female, N= 111]responded to these items through “Yes” or “No.” In addition, when there was a newly effective item, a free description of the item was demanded. Consequently, the effectiveness of the selected items, the changing expression of the items, and the need to examine new items were observed.

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