Departmental Bulletin Paper モビリティデータを用いた集積エリアに関する研究

野際, 大介  ,  Nogiwa, Daisuke  ,  藤原, 明広  ,  Fujihara, Akihiro

(45)  , pp.248 - 256 , 2015-08-06
As we use mobile phones, mobility data is accumulated because of GPS or data transaction. Especially, mobility data by data transaction is huge quantity. Therefore, we can analyze human mobility as detail. However, huge data quantity prevents us from calculating and analyzing some statistics. We have troubles in treating big data by using spread sheet application software. In this research, we suggest that statistical modeling has some solution of its trouble. And the statistical modeling is introduced random effect term in linear regression. We illustrate this model applied for mobility big data and advantage of human mobility analysis.

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