Departmental Bulletin Paper 低炭素社会の実現に向けたナノ水力発電機による地域活性化の取り組み

笠井, 利浩  ,  Kasai, Toshihiro  ,  谷内, 眞之助  ,  Taniuchi, Shinnosuke  ,  藤田, 輝雄  ,  Fujita, Teruo  ,  小林, 拓矢  ,  Kobayashi, Takuya,

A demonstration experiment of pico size hydroelectric power generation was performed in Kamiajimi area, Fukui-city from 2012. In this report, the installation activity of nano size hydroelectric power generation illumination that we did in 2014 will be presented. A nano size hydroelectric generator using a bicycle wheel with a hub dynamo and the LED illumination unit using power LED elements was developed. A workshop to make nano size hydroelectric generators was held with residents of Kamiajimi area. Two sets of nano size hydroelectric power generation illumination were installed respectively in 6 villages in Kamiajimi area. A lamp of 5 linked nano size hydroelectric generation illumination which becomes the symbol of this project was installed in a village, which is used as a gate lamp of the assembly hall. A forum was held to think about energy problems in a mountainous area.

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