Departmental Bulletin Paper A Theoretical Approach to Dynamical Diffraction of X-rays in the Laue Case with the Green's Function Method

Ishida, Hidenobu

(45)  , pp.179 - 190 , 2015-08-06
X-ray dynamical diffraction for the Laue case is treated theoretically as an application of the theory for a largely distorted crystal using the Green's function method given by the previous report. In the Laue case, the transmitted and the diffracted waves in the crystal are expressed as the integrals with the kernels of the transmitted and diffracted wave components of the Green's function over the crystal surface. In the case of a perfect crystal, the Green's function components are analytically obtained and the waves in the crystal are expressed using the analytical forms of the Green's function. The result shows the analytical forms of the waves are essentially three-dimensional with a divergent wave image like a spherical wave, which are different from those given by Takagi's theory, and, however, are reducible to those.

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