Departmental Bulletin Paper 環境産業連関表の試作と分析 -中国遼寧省のCO2排出量推計と排出構造-

松岡, 博幸  ,  Matsuoka, Hiroyuki  ,  柳, 懿秦  ,  Liu, Yiqin

This article aims to estimate environmental load in the Liaoning Province, China using Input-Output analysis. Now it is required to measure CO2emissions in China, and it is also necessary to measure CO2emissions at the provinces stage. Specifically, we estimate Liaoning’s CO2emissions as a traditional heavy industry base. Results are as follows: In the Liaoning Province, the total CO2emissions are 813.8 million tons. And the industries with many CO2emissions are electric power industry and supplying heat industry. Heavy Industry such as iron, coal, metal products accounts for more than 80% of the province total emissions. From the viewpoint of sustainable environmental policy, it is important to change the energy input structure and improve efficiency of the input energy for coal industry and so on. About electrical products and construction, we think that importing of the materials should be increased.

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