Departmental Bulletin Paper 日本におけるコーポレート・ガバナンスの変化 -オリンパス事件及び独立役員に焦点を当てた企業システムの研究-

松岡, 博幸  ,  Matsuoka, Hiroyuki  ,  富, 裕  ,  Yu

(45)  , pp.144 - 154 , 2015-08-06
This study examines Japanese corporate governance focusing on the Olympus case. After the Olympus scandal in 2011, outside directors in Olympus occupy half of the directors or more. And in comparison with competitors, Olympus has great improvements in governance. As a whole, further improvements of corporate governance in Japan are necessary from now on. In particular, it should be thought that women and foreigners have to play more important roles in Japanese corporations. It accords with the policy of the present Japanese government to promote the appointment of women to corporate boards.

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