Departmental Bulletin Paper A Study of the Actual Application and Behavior of Passing Places in Wide Pavements for Pedestrians and Bicycle Users

Yoshimura, Tomonori

Much of the pavement in Japan utilizes the same space for pedestrians and bicycle users. Accidents have increased by 4.5 times in the past ten years. The Japanese government has designated 98 areas as Bicycle-Friendly Model Areas. In this study, we try to understand through a survey the relationship between the passing position of pedestrians and bicycle users by improvement of the pavement environment and we observe the passing positions of each. The investigation area is two Bicycle-Friendly Model Areas in Shiga, and the investigation types are the pole separation type, the fence separation type, and the visual separation type. As a result, we consider that the fence separation type is effective build for both pedestrians and bicycle users from the three types. However we consider that the pole separation type may be desirable when we consider the risk of separation structure built continually and the rate of actual application.

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