Departmental Bulletin Paper 自転車通行環境の改善に向けた考察 -福井県大野市を事例として-

吉村, 朋矩  ,  Yoshimura, Tomonori

(45)  , pp.129 - 136 , 2015-08-06
In this study, I investigated the passing behavior of cyclists and pedestrians at the Roken-street in Ono city, Fukui prefecture. As a result, I clarified the rate of the roadway passing of cyclists is 33.2%, the rate of the pavement passing of cyclists is 66.8%.About passing place in the pavement, the rate of cyclists passed at the roadway side was57.3%-63.1%,and the rate of pedestrians passed at the building side was37.5%-59.6%.Cyclists of younger than high school students was not passing slow in the pavement, and the rate of keep to the left in the roadway was low. The time when avoid of cyclists and cyclists was mutual avoidance.

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