Departmental Bulletin Paper 橋梁の維持管理のための最適補修計画について

谷脇, 一弘  ,  Taniwaki, Kazuhiro  ,  大西, 秀明  ,  Oonishi, Hideaki

(45)  , pp.119 - 128 , 2015-08-06
Recently, the guideline for periodic bridge inspection was re-established with 4 rating evaluation for maintenance immediacy of action by MLIT. The plan extending bridge service life, which has been formulated with 5 rating evaluation since 2007 in Fukui prefecture, needs to re-formulate in accordance with the guideline. Development of effective evaluation system for bridge management corresponding to the guideline is awaited for this purpose expectantly. In this study, a decision-making system for bridge repair plan is developed by using the bridge inspection data of Echizen city. The revised deterioration transfer curves for slab and abutment are introduced for three classifications of rapid, standard and slow deterioration members. The most economical repair plan is determined by comparing the life cycle costs for nine repair conditions, in which the rating limits for preventive repair are assumed as2.0,2.5 and 3.0 for slab, girder and abutment, respectively. The effectiveness and practical usefulness of the system are illustrated by discussing the numerical results.

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