Departmental Bulletin Paper RC造プレキャストコア壁における水平つなぎ筋量の影響に関する実験的研究

仲地, 唯治  ,  Nakachi, Tadaharu

Precast core walls are considered effective for construction because they can be built more quickly than cast-in-place core walls. In this study, lateral loading tests were conducted on wall columns simulating the corner and the area near the corner of an L-shaped core wall with horizontal tied rebars. The specimen consisted of four square-section precast columns. The vertical joints between the precast columns were grouted with high-strength mortar. Each precast column had cotters at the vertical joint, and horizontal tied rebars were concentrated at the second and third floor levels, and the mid height level of the first story. Based on the results of lateral loading tests, the effect of quantity of horizontal tied rebars was clarified.

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